Warning, the change in the date of Biela stopa 2020!

The new date of Biela stopa race 2020 is March 7 – 8, 2020.
Due to the long-term weather forecast without snowfall and due to current insufficient snow conditions on the cross-country trails, the organizing committee of the race had taken the decision to shift the race from 25 – 26 January to 7 – 8 March, 2020.

This date was set with regard to the Euroloppet competition calendar for 2020 and the calendar of Skalka events.

The opportunity to register for the race is by March 7, 2020 at https://www.bielastopa.sk/en/registration-intro/

Already registred racers remain on the start list.

For more information about the race conditions see the Race propositions at https://www.bielastopa.sk/en/bielastopa-en/propositions/

We will keep you informed about the course of the race preparation and snow situation on cross-country trails at website and FB.

Stay tuned for future information.



Weather forecast

View detailed snow forecast for Skalka pri Kremnici at:

Snow conditions on trails

Last update: 29.02.2020 05:31


Last snowfall: 28.2.2020
Snow depth: 45
Actual temperature: -4,60°C 29.02.2020-08:00

TrailSnow conditionsTrail conditions
Štadión:FT/CT 28.02.
IN-LINE:FT/CT 28.02.
Horná 5ka:FT/CT 28.02.
Dolná 5ka:FT 27.02.
Na Cabanku:FT/CT 29.02.
Strednou:FT/CT 29.02.
Králická:FT/CT 29.02.
Biela stopa Sever:FT/CT 29.02.
Cez Tablu:FT/CT 29.02.
Na Hostinec:FT/CT 29.02.
Do Králik:FT/CT 29.02.
Južná:FT/CT 29.02.
Biela stopa Juh:Neupravená
Dolinou:FT 29.02.
Frajungy:FT 08.02.