Important news

Due to pandemic circumstances, the organizing committee of the ‘’ Biela stopa 2021’’  decided to organize a virtual race, where each participant of this event will run solo and measure the time of the run through  own smart watch or smartphone. We believe that you will also welcome this form of ‘’ Biela stopa 2021’’  event.

Foreign competitors have the opportunity to participate in virtual races on any 24 km track in the range of 16 days in the period from 27.2. to 14.3.2021 after following instructions:

1. online registration

2. pay a handling fee of € 10.

3. Run a 24km freestyle,  using a smart watch or a mobile application (for example, FOOD, Garmin Connect, that supports export of GPX or TCX files.

4. Send the record of run by e-mail till 18.3.2021 to the address:

5. The results of the race will be published on the website after 21.3.2021, each competitor can print a diploma – a certificate of completion of the race.

6. All participating competitors will be included into a lottery for valuable prizes in the form of a raffle.

With these alternative form of ‘’ Biela stopa’’  we would like  to keep up continuity of the race with a 47-year tradition.

We are looking for the future with hope.


‘’ Biela stopa ’’ Organizing Committee 2021

Weather forecast

View detailed snow forecast for Skalka pri Kremnici at:

Snow conditions on trails

Last update: 04.12.2021 13:25


Last snowfall: 2.12.2021
Snow depth: 20
Actual temperature: -3,50°C 05.12.2021-11:00

TrailSnow conditionsTrail conditions
Štadión:FT/CT 02.12.
IN-LINE:FT/CT 02.12.
Horná 5ka:FT 03.12.
Dolná 5ka:FT 03.12.
Na Cabanku:FT 04.12.
Strednou:FT 04.12.
Biela stopa Sever:Neupravená
Cez Tablu:Neupravená
Na Hostinec:Neupravená
Do Králik:Neupravená
Biela stopa Juh:Neupravená