Important news

Organizers Commitee of Biela stopa race have after careful consideration and subsequent aprovement by EUC Euroloppet and Slovak Ski Asotiation decided to reschedule the term of 48th Biela stopa on 6. – 7. March 2021.

From many reasons to change the term of the race, the course of the pandemic situation was the most substantial. We hope, that the gained time and positive progress of the coronavirus measures will enable us to organize the race acording to our plan.

We believe that you will accept the new date of the Biela stopa race with understanding.

According to the new date of the race the terms in Proposition are changed.

On beahlf of Organizers Comitee,

Slavomir Hrúza


Weather forecast

View detailed snow forecast for Skalka pri Kremnici at:

Snow conditions on trails

Last update: 25.01.2021 14:47


Last snowfall: 24.1.2021
Snow depth: 50
Actual temperature: -7,50°C 26.01.2021-18:30

TrailSnow conditionsTrail conditions
Štadión:FT/CT 24.01.
IN-LINE:FT/CT 24.01.
Horná 5ka:FT/CT 24.01.
Dolná 5ka:FT/CT 24.01.
Na Cabanku:FT/CT 24.01.
Strednou:FT/CT 24.01.
Králická:FT/CT 08.01.
Biela stopa Sever:FT/CT 17.01.
Cez Tablu:FT/CT 24.01.
Na Hostinec:FT/CT 24.01.
Do Králik:FT/CT 24.01.
Južná:FT/CT 24.01.
Biela stopa Juh:FT/CT 17.01.
Dolinou:FT 17.01.
Frajungy:FT/CT 16.01.