Winners Biela Stopa 2023 50th Edition

50km Free Style 🏆
🥇 Kristína Néč Lapinová – SVK
🥈 Luisa Griessbaum – GER
🥉 Darina Krausová – CZE


🥇 Ján Mikuš – SVK
🥈 Artur Iskhakov – RAW
🥉 Ján Koristek – SVK


25km Free Style 🏆
🥇 Barbora Klementová – SVK
🥈 Marianna Klementová – SVK
🥉 Lea Meszárosová – SVK


🥇 Denis Tílesch – SVK
🥈 Ján Holiga – SVK
🥉Michal Jurčo – SVK


30km Classic 🏆
🥇Martina Gabčíková – SVK
🥈Daniela Chajdiaková – SVK
🥉Martina Michalková – SVK


🥇 Jonathan Goeppert – GER
🥈 Ján Mikuš – SVK
🥉 Christoph Friedl – GER



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Biela Stopa 2023 - 50th Edition

We invite you to Skalka near Kremnica for the jubilee 50th edition of Biela Stopa, which will take place on March 4.-5. 2023.
In addition to celebrating an important jubilee, you will have the opportunity to participate in the START EUROLOPPET EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS 2023 .
You can look forward to the 50km F pairs relay race from the upcoming news. An accompanying program awaits you, a glimpse into the history of the and the traditional 50km FS, 25km FS, 30km CS, Junior and mini SnowKidz races for kindergarteners.
The successful course of the race will depend mainly on the snow conditions and the willingness of all those contacted and participating to lend their hand to the work.

OC of 50 th Biela Stopa 2023


Weather forecast

View detailed snow forecast for Skalka pri Kremnici at:

Snow conditions on trails

Last update: 03.12.2023 17:32


Last snowfall: 1.12. 2023
Snow depth: do 25 cm
Actual temperature: -6,10°C 05.12.2023-12:00

TrailSnow conditionsTrail conditions
Štadión:FT/CT 03.12.
IN-LINE:FT/CT 03.12.
Horná 5ka:FT/CT 03.12.
Dolná 5ka:FT 03.12.
Na Cabanku:Neupravená
Biela stopa Sever:Neupravená
Cez Tablu:Neupravená
Na Hostinec:Neupravená
Do Králik:Neupravená
Biela stopa Juh:Neupravená